Energy Terms


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Market-Based Pricing:

Electric service prices determined in an open market system of supply and demand under which the price is set solely by agreement as to what a buyer will pay and a seller will accept. Such prices could recover less or more than full costs, depending upon what the buyer and seller see as their relevant opportunities and risks.

Market Clearing Price:

The price at which supply equals demand for the Day Ahead and/or Hour Ahead Markets.

Maximum Demand:

The greatest of all demands of the load that has occurred within a specified period of time.


One thousand cubic feet.


Maximum Daily Quantity: The maximum amount of gas that can be transported on a pipeline or delivered to a customer’s account on any given day.


Million British Thermal Units.

Municipal Utility:

A municipal utility is a non-profit utility that is owned and operated by the community it serves. Whether or not a municipal utility is open to customer choice and competition is decided by the municipality’s public officials.