Energy Terms


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Scheduling Coordinators:

Entities certified by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission that act as a go-between with the Independent System Operator on behalf of generators, supply aggregators (wholesale marketers), retailers, and customers to schedule the distribution of natural gas.


A proposal for issuing bonds that would be used to buy down existing power contracts or other obligations. The bonds would be repaid by designating a portion of future customer bill payments. Customer bills would be lowered, since the cost of bond payments would be less than the power contract costs that would be avoided.


A customer or user of the transporter’s service


Term which can encompass all reductions in volume as gas moves from receipt point to a delivery point, including pipeline fuel use, natural gas liquids extraction, dehydration, purification, and loss and unaccounted for gas.

Small Business Customer:

A Small Business Customer is classified as a commercial facility or location. Small business customers do not qualify for a Transportation (Enterprise) Rate Schedule (see also Commercial Customer).

Spot Purchases:

A single purchase of gas or volumes of gas for delivery for the following day or remainder of the month. Spot purchases are often made to fulfill either unexpected usage requirements or to take advantage of un-anticipated lower prices


Physically connected electric generation, transmission, and distribution facilities operated as an integrated unit under one central management, or operating supervision.