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to lower your natural gas bill!


Lakeshore Energy’s Enterprise Services is the most effective purchasing strategy for you if you qualify for additional savings on the distribution of natural gas. To qualify, you must consume a minimum annual amount of natural gas. Click HERE to see if you meet these requirements.


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Minimum Annual Consumption Required:



A few examples of Enterprise Customers are:


Whatever your natural gas needs may be, Lakeshore Energy is here to assist you. Since the natural gas industry became deregulated in the 1970’s, as an Enterprise Customer, the ability to choose your own natural gas supplier offers many benefits, such as:

  • Price Protection
  • Lower Cost of Supply
  • Multiple Pricing Options
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Customized Budget Plan

Lakeshore Energy will develop customized supply procurement strategies based on your organizations goals and objectives. We offer products ranging from Fixed Price, Basis only, and Index, as well as structured financial products such as Price Caps and Collars. Lakeshore Energy is not restricted to any one wholesale producer, but rather maintains a pool of multiple producers to provide you with the most competitive prices. Our priority is not only to provide superior energy management services but to also maximize your savings potential, mitigate any price risk and help you stay within your energy budget.

Because we treat your energy expenditure as if it were our own, we assign a highly qualified energy consultant to manage your account and provide you with a level of personalized customer service that will exceed your expectations. Recognizing that timely, detailed account information is critical to your operating budget, we will provide you with customized reporting, and the most up-to-date market intelligence reports. These key reporting measures ensure that you are well-equipped to participate in decisions regarding your energy procurement strategy.

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Contact us today to arrange for a free energy consultation. Choose Lakeshore Energy as your all-inclusive energy management company!