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Enterprise FAQ's

How do I know if I qualify as an Enterprise customer?

Annual usage is the key determinant to qualify as an Enterprise Customer. Click HERE to see if you qualify.


Enter your zip code to determine if you qualify for Enterprise Services.

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Minimum Annual Consumption Required:


What is an Energy Consultant?

An Energy Consultant is an advisor that acquires natural gas on behalf your company. Our consultants will work with each business in a one on one environment, determining the usage patterns of each customer, and how natural gas affects that specific industry.

How do I contact Lakeshore for my free consultation?

Call 888 200-3788 or Click HERE.

What is natural gas deregulation?

Deregulation separates the sale of natural gas as a commodity from its distribution. The distribution is still determined by the utility, and is a standard regulated charge. Natural gas can be purchased directly from a low cost alternative supplier like Lakeshore and distributed to your facility by the utility.

How does deregulation work?

Your alternative supplier delivers natural gas to the utility on your behalf and the utility then distributes the gas to your facility.

Will I notice a change of service when I switch my energy provider?

No. Regardless of which energy provider we help you choose, your natural gas will continue to be delivered safely and reliably by the local utility company. You will receive a separate bill for the commodity from your supplier.

How does Lakeshore Energy identify the service that's the right fit for our needs?

An Energy consultant will research your past consumption and work with you to find a strategy that makes the most sense for your operations. That same consultant will then continue to work with your company to make sure that your ongoing needs are being met. They will regularly keep in contact with you, providing you with updated options and market intelligence.

What happens if we encounter a natural gas emergency?

Please contact your local natural gas utility, which will continue to respond to all service calls, including outages and leaks.